Velvet jacket and pants
Velvet jacket and pants
Velvet jacket and pants
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Velvet jacket and pants

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Velvet comfortable like silk. It’s like wearing a nice breeze. 

Looks good in a rap music video, or a science fiction movie. Very instagramable or to keep for yourself. Some will want to touch you, up or down, to change the color of the velvet. They will push long "wow", they will tell you that their grandmother had an Oldsmobile with a velvet interior. At the time that the tank brands still had "mobile" in their name. 

Perfect garment for #Couplegoals. The world will see you together with your mating kit and say to themselves: "Wo, look at them, they're still hot. Why don't we have that, babe? We don't have anything special, velvet, which is worn, just for the two of us. Just for us, babe. " This garment will solidify your couple and possibly break others.

An infallible gift for Valentine's Day, especially in red, or in another color too, it's okay, if there is no more red. We rewrite it: "an infallible gift for Valentine's Day"; if the gift fails, you can return it specifying the reason; how exactly he failed; for example the reaction of the other when he opened the box, his face, the face he usually does when he likes a gift, if he has at least tried it, if it is the right size, if it had been a good day. As you wish. 

Can be worn alone, as a windbreaker, or under a jacket, or a winter coat or an inflatable sumo suit. For the gym, walking, treading water, indoors, outdoors, cycling. Not so much for the kitchen, but maybe it's just us.

Large deep pockets where you can find refuge up to the middle of your forearm

Very comfortable sport-chic-unisex-new-classic-vintage cut

The pants are without elastic, instead, we put a wide strip of fabric. In terms of comfort, this is the equivalent of pregnancy pants for the non-pregnant world. Everyone knows that comfortable pants can change a life. Or at least in the morning.

Luxurious, durable and guaranteed fabric.

Robust double zipper jacket, opens from the top and bottom.

Available in 5 colors

Sold as a set or separately. Made there. 

    Designed, cut and made with pride in Montreal by Human Interest


    Dimensions (jacket)




    XS28 "(70 cm)23 "(58 cm)
    S28 " (70 cm)24 "(60 cm)
    M28 " (70 cm)25 "(63 cm)
    L29 "(73 cm)

    26 "(65 cm)


    Product dimensions (velvet pants): 



    Waist size

    XS40 "(102 cm)26 "(66 cm)
    S40 " (102 cm)28 "(70 cm)
    M41 " (104 cm)30 "(76 cm)
    L42 "(107 cm)

    32 "(81 cm)

    size chart